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Virtual Lessons

At Liberty Music Academy, our virtual lessons are designed to help continue you or your child’s music education in a way that prioritizes well-being. Whether you’re unable to attend lessons in person, unable to travel, or don’t live near our school, our virtual lesson program allows musicians to gain access to our skilled music instructors and unique teaching techniques. This new offering allows for a comprehensive music learning experience that is fun, educational, and safe.

1. Wide Range of Lessons & Courses Available to Families

Liberty Music Academy is known for its top of the line music lessons for a wide range of instruments. From private lessons to courses, and of course our band programs, we are able to hold all of them in our amazing studio.


With our additional service creating ways to hold lessons both in your home and virtually, we have made it easier than ever to achieve your goal of learning an instrument. 

FUN FACT: Our studio is considered the official home of #1 Dallas Boy Band #TheKidBrothers, partnering with Starconz Entertainment Group, allowing our students to pursue their dream of building a life in the arts, whether that be learning to sing with a live band on our "state of the art stage", learning to create choreography, learning to market themselves in the entertainment industry, and so much more.

2. Largest & Most Qualified Teaching Staff & Faculty

With our large team of amazing teachers, all with University Training, Professional Performance Experience, Credentials that meet honors, and more - you can be confident that you will benefit from our music education services. 

In addition to the credentials that our teachers have, our staff and faculty are extremely friendly, helpful, and do their best to teach each person in the style of their choosing.  

3. Wide Range Of Lesson Times Available Weekly

With over 35+ experienced teachers on our team, our lesson schedule is flexible allowing students and families to receive their lessons at the most convenient time! 

Lesson days and times are "first come, first serve" therefor we recommend you sign up as soon as possible to ensure you are able to lock in the best day and time that fits in your schedule. 

4. Student Portal Access for each Student & Parent

At Liberty Music Academy, we make it our goal to ensure that each student and parent are able to receive assistance even when they are not in our studio. 

Our Student/Parent Portal allows all students to track their practice time, message their teacher with questions, view their upcoming lessons, and accept repertoire from their teacher's very own library!

Parents can benefit from our portal just as much. Parents can track what their kid has practiced and view all messages between the student and their teacher. Parents can also use the portal to pay their lesson fees and track all payment transactions they have made. 

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5. Optional Performance Opportunities Available

With our band programs and partnership with the Ovation Academy of Performing Arts, we host multiple performance opportunities throughout the year! Liberty Music Academy has 2 recitals each year. One recital in the spring and one in the fall.  

6.  Fully Stocked "State of The Art" Lesson Studio Rooms

Our private lesson rooms are fully stocked with top of the line equipment for each and every one of our students. As Liberty Music Academy grows, we do our best to ensure that all equipment is maintained and new upcoming technology is added when made possible to our studio. 

7. A Proven Track Record of Students Taught

At Liberty Music Academy, we have been honored to be published in multiple articles. Our Academy is known to have helped hundreds of students through our private music lessons, and music programs combined. We are super honored to work with every student that joins our academy! 

8. A Comfortable Waiting Room for Guests & Faculty (Including FREE WIFI) 

Our waiting room is one of our proudest features. While most waiting rooms are quiet and boring, our waiting room consists of parents who have children active in the same hobby! We recommend networking and making new friends. Not only will the students have a fun time, but who says the parents can't too? 


Our front desk staff is an amazing group of individuals. Their warm hearts and eagerness to provide assistance at any time is what we love so much about them! You will learn to love them to.  

9.  Convenient Location in The City of McKinney

Our state of the art studio is located in the beautiful City of McKinney! With support from families and local businesses, we are able to provide more and more opportunities to our students. 

Guitar Lessons
Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson
10. No Commitment or Contract for Music Lessons

Although our students and families stick with us for 3-5 years between lessons and the wide range of programs we offer, no family is ever committed to staying in lessons. We ask that you email our front office staff or let them know at least 30 days prior to canceling your private lessons. 


Starconz Entertainment Group, brings to life the true reality of the "entertainment industry" to Liberty Music Academy! Providing professional coaches in which have all been involved in the entertainment industry in some way whether it be as a top hits songwriter/artist or a finalist on a national tv show like, NBC's TheVoice, ABC's Americas Got Talent, or maybe even Nickolodians Americas Most Musical Family!

This amazing group has turned Liberty Music Academy into a well known Artist Development Training Center, where kids, teens, and adults who are striving to make it into the entertainment industry can. We prepare musicians to audition on some of the largest tv shows listed above, and get them ready to connect with some of the most well known top executive producers and talent managers in Los Angeles & New York City! 


Dedicated instructors and staff, and overall a super fun place to be at both as a child and parent. My 12-year old daughter loves coming weekly for lessons and as a parent, I have a great time connecting with other parents in their comfortable waiting room! Highly recommend this academy to anyone looking to pursue music! 



As a musician myself who has been involved in the entertainment industry for years, as well as being someone who truly enjoys working with passionate people, I developed Liberty Music Academy with the goal of creating an environment where kids, teens, and adults could strive and educate themselves on what to expect when pursuing music, whether that be to perform with an orchestra, jazz band, and or even perform live as the lead singer of a worldwide pop band. 

— Anthony Olague, Owner & Founder

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