All tuition for all programs, courses, and workshops are required to be paid in FULL by no later than the 1st class/rehearsal via online or at our front desk. Payment plans are available for any family in need of financial assistance, however, we do ask that you speak with our office to ensure we get you on the payment plan accordingly. 



All programs, classes, and courses are 8 weeks long. Students will be allowed to join classes late as long as enrolled by 2nd half of the 8-week course at a prorated price. All registration fees, tuition fees, and other charges will be non-refundable nor transferable unless approved by our admin team.

We ask that any and all students who plan to remove themselves from a program, class, and or course make their decision by end of week 2 in the 8-week course. Students who would like to be removed from the course are required to email our office (not the instructor) at


Students who arrive late (more than half) of the scheduled class, will be required to make up their missed class at one of our other 8-week courses. Students who miss more than 3 rehearsals without a note or teacher communication will either be removed from class and or moved into Drop-In classes for the remaining weeks.


It is the responsibility of all parent(s)/guardians to ensure they are aware of all events, classes, and activities taking place in our studio. It is also the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardians to ensure they are up to date with our studio's closures, openings, and holiday breaks. Liberty Music Academy strives to ensure we keep all parents updated with any closures we have throughout the year via website, email, phone call, and parent letters. NOTE: If you are not receiving emails from our studio, please contact us to ensure your information is updated in our system. 


All non-participating children under the age of 18+ must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the lobby. All non-participating children are asked to stay quiet and are not allowed to roam anywhere in the studio without permission. If noise levels become disruptive, non-participating students and adults may be asked to wait outside the lobby until your child's rehearsal is complete.


At Liberty Music Academy, safety is our number one concern at all times. Liberty Music Academy will not be held liable for post-class care of students. Phone calls will be made to parent(s)/guardians for students who are left for excessive amounts of time. Students will be asked to wait in the lobby until their ride has arrived. Any student under the age of 8 must let either their instructor or receptionist know before they leave our facility. 


Our academy shares 2 bathrooms with our staff and occupants in the building. Students who are younger than 7 years old are required to be accompanied by an instructor/parent or guardian when needing to use the restroom. Liberty Music Academy will not be held liable for any student and or parents that do not abide by the policies we have in place. Reminder: Students can NOT roam around the facility. Students must be in a class and or in the lobby waiting for a class to finish. 


All parent(s) and legal guardians waive the right to any and all legal action for any injury sustained on studio property, resulting from but not limited to normal activity (dancing, jumping, leaping, running, turns, etc.) conducted by the student(s)  before, during, and after class time. This also includes any and all horseplay. 


Liberty Music Academy is hereby granted permission to take pictures and videos of the students for advertising purposes, display, and or security purposes. Liberty Music Academy is hereby granted to post all pictures and videos with students on social media platforms such as (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).