Are you new to the guitar? Do you have a little bit of playing experience and are still building core foundational skills; like learning the string names and numbers, how to tune with an electronic tuner, and the music note names and rhythms? In this class, you will learn some sweet, simple single string melodies and riffs, how to read and play a song using tablature, how to read a chord grid, and how to learn a handful of chords so you can strum some of your favorite songs.

Prerequisite: 7 years and up!

This course is a 10-week long course, giving all students the opportunity to learn how to read rhythms, note values, dynamics, intervals, and of course how to memorize words and melodies!


FEE (PER TERM): $179.99 (10 WEEKS)


All students who are interested in this course are asked to register, and will not have to pay until we meet the minimum number of students for this class!


My son enjoyed every minute of this course. I do not normally take the time to write reviews, but I couldn't help but feel it was important to share with other parents the experience we had. I can't recommend a better school than Liberty Music Academy! Highly recommend. 




REFUNDS: Students must pay for all lessons in the course, regardless of attendance. Once registration is complete and students have all paid their tuition, refunds will not be available as this course will continue!

ABSENCES: Three absences out of four consecutive classes are grounds for being withdrawn from the class! Students arriving more than 25 minutes past the start time for their class will be marked absent and that absence will be counted toward the three absences policy. Unfortunately, due to schedule constraints, Liberty Music Academy is unable to reschedule missed classes.

CANCELLED CLASSES: Liberty Music Academy reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. If your class is canceled, you will be notified and automatically issued a refund. In the event of a canceled class, we would love to help you find another activity.

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