This new offering allows for a comprehensive music learning experience that is fun, educational, and safe.

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Are you worried about continuing lessons due to the result of COVID-19? Liberty Music Academy has made more options available so you no longer have to let things get in the way of your success. Check this out!

At Liberty Music Academy, our virtual lessons are designed to help continue you or your child’s music education in a way that prioritizes well-being. Whether you’re unable to attend lessons in person, unable to travel, or don’t live near our school, our virtual lesson program allows musicians to gain access to our skilled music instructors and unique teaching techniques.

This new offering allows for a comprehensive music learning experience that is fun, educational, and safe.

Starting Back Up Virtually

Our amazing team of instructors at Liberty Music Academy have developed a strategic plan we feel will benefit all of our current and future students. Students who are currently receiving "In-Home" lessons can proceed with their lessons as normal, just as long as families do their best to follow our (COVID-19) guidelines. Check out our guidelines in our #COVID-19 GUIDELINE Newsletter.

Students who are currently enrolled to receive private lessons in our studio will unfortunately have no other option but to choose our virtual route, or connect with your teacher to begin lessons in your home. Our studio will reopen in early to mid #August2020.

Looking To Start Lessons Now - Enroll Today

Are you looking to begin your lessons now?

Although, we like other schools are limited due to the result of #COVID-19, we want to make it clear that lessons in our studio are the only thing that have been adjusted temporarily. Students who are looking to begin music lessons can begin through our #virtual program or enroll today to receive lessons in the comfort of your own home.

We at Liberty Music Academy work hard to ensure that the problems created by #COVID-19 do NOT effect our students and parents musically. We ask that families stay patient and stay positive during this difficult time.

We can't wait to get back to running normal, and once again seeing all of our beautiful students and families. Stay safe and stay positive! #GoTeamLiberty

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