Founded in 2017, Liberty Music Academy was created with one mission in mind: providing top-notch music education to children in the Dallas-Fort Worth area through passionate instructors that are held accountable. Our team currently offers lessons for piano, voice, guitar, bass, violin, and drums. Since we started, we’ve served hundreds of students across DFW. 

We have meticulously tested a plethora of teaching curriculum pertaining to the instruments we teach to ensure that our students develop not only a love of music but also a complete understanding of it. We also provide students and parents with additional resources that encourage optimal learning and practice techniques to catapult progress forward. Each of our resources is accessed in our Student Portal that also allows you to sync your lesson calendar with your phone, make easy online payments, save instructor contact information, and reschedule lessons in advance.

With us, you don’t have to worry about messy paperwork, because there isn’t any. We don’t require any contract to get started on helping your child get a quality music education. We also offer a flexible twenty-four-hour cancellation policy. You even get to try out our service before you commit, as we offer a trial lesson for your family.