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Everyone is born with a musical instrument-our voice!-But not everyone has the technical skills to control and make full use of it. All of us can sing, but private lessons at Liberty Music Academy can bring out the best in every voice. Your student will explore their full vocal range and learn how to sing different genres and styles of music properly. Proper breathing technique and vocal control will keep their vocal cords in good shape, even if they sing in every family get-together. 

Liberty Music Academy is dedicated to helping little voices sing big melodies. Whether your student wants to sing in front of family members or an audience of a thousand, we help them find the courage to sing note after note, with perfect pitch and utmost confidence. Your student will understand music theory and follow complex rhythms, all while having fun on stage. They will be able to sing their favorite songs wonderfully, and their training will set the stage for a music career.

More importantly, voice lessons at Liberty Music Academy teach students the value of hard work. The world’s best vocalists poured in hours of practice, and they always acknowledge that there is room to grow. Your student will develop a lifelong love and respect for the art of singing.

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Is there a proper age to start vocal lessons?

We don’t have a strict age requirement, but we encourage parents to start lessons between ages 7 and 9. This ensures that the student has developed a bit of discipline and focus when in class. However, we still welcome younger and older students!

My child can sing. Does he/she need voice lessons?

Voice lessons will bring out the best in your student's voice. Our lessons will refine their technique, breath support, articulation, and showmanship. Plus, they’ll develop confidence and self-assurance!


Liberty Music Academy offers beginner vocal lessons to students in and around Collin County, TX under our seasoned instructors; watchful eye.


Breathing is the most important element of singing. Your student will learn how to breathe correctly, so they have enough breath to support each part of the song’s pitch and volume.


Different parts of a song require different vocal registers: the chest and the head voice. Your student will learn how to switch from chest to head (and vice versa) at the right time.


Depending on your student's goals, we’ll match them with repertoire to keep them engaged and ensure their goals are exceeded!


Through ear training, your student will connect music theory with the sounds that they hear. Their ears will recognize the connections and develop an ear for music.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How does payment work? Am I required to sign a contract?

Is there a proper age to start vocal lessons?

We don’t have a strict age requirement, but we encourage parents to start lessons between ages 7 and 9. This ensures that the student has developed a bit of discipline and focus when in class. However, we still welcome younger and older students!

What are the lesson rates for my student? 

Our lesson rates just really depend on the needs of each individual student. Whether you are looking for 30 or 60 minute lessons, in-home or online, etc. We highly recommend contacting our office to learn more, and or registering your student for a trial lesson. This will allow all students and families the opportunity to gain more information, an idea as to whether or not music lessons are something they like and or want, with no obligation to continue lessons on a weekly basis. 

On which days can I schedule my weekly lessons? 

We do our very best to accommodate all of our student's schedules. If you are a new student without a current schedule, you can contact our office and get your lessons booked on a schedule that fits you best. If you are a current student needing to switch your schedule, you can either contact our office to make the adjustment or discuss the available options/availability with your teacher.  

We focus on making payment as convenient and accommodating as possible for all of our students and families. All billing is done on the 1st of every month. When students join our academy in the middle of the month, we do prorate lessons for the remainder of the month. There is a one-time $30 registration fee per family, and the best part...no contract or commitment. All we ask is that you provide us with at least 30-days notice prior to cancellation. You can complete this form on our website. 

How long should my student be practicing daily/weekly?

Practice time should not be measured by how long a student is practicing, but instead measured by how productive a student is during their practice time. If a student a playing a song over and over for 2 hours without breaking measures down and fixing errors, their practice could be doing them more struggle and frustration than productive help. Additional questions about practice should be discussed with your student's teacher/instructor. 

What happens if I can't make my scheduled lesson?

At Liberty Music Academy, we know things happen! For this reason, we do provide make-up lessons/credit for students who miss a scheduled lesson. In order to receive a make-up lesson, we just ask that you notify our office/teacher about your absence at least 24-hours in advance. If a make-up lesson becomes unavailable, you will be credited for the upcoming months' lessons. 

"There are so many amazing things we can say about this academy! Our family has been using Liberty for a while now, and the progress our kids have all shown has left us in awe. We highly recommend this academy to anyone looking for music lessons."